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The Jones Golf Academy (JGA) Fall Junior League is a program that mirrors the PGA Junior League (pgajrleaguegolf.com).  This Fall League travels to different golf courses but does not require a team jersey. An affordable program to better socialize the game of golf for juniors ages 16 and under, this league encourages consistent practice during the fall season.

This fall league is targeted towards intermediate golfers, both male and female, who are interested in reaching their next level of play and competition. We will follow a different format each week in order to keep it fun.  The league will incorporate the popular two-person scramble format, quickly becoming the preferred choice amongst junior golfers.

2017 Results:

  • September 9th Cherry Creek (Woods)     - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • September 16th Cherry Creek (Woods)   - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • September 23rd Nissequogue GC           - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 7th Pine Ridge GC                     - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 21st Spring Lake GC                 - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 28th Pine Ridge GC                  - RESULTS - PHOTOS

2018 Results:

  • September 29th Pine Ridge                     - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 6th Pine Ridge                            -RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 13th Cherry Creek (Woods)       - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 20th Cherry Creek (Links )         - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • November 3rd Pine Ridge                       - RESULTS - PHOTOS

2019 Results:

  • September 21st Cherry Creek (Woods)        - RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • September 28th Pine Ridge                          -RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 5th Cherry Creek (Links)                  -RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 19th Spring Lake GC                       -RESULTS - PHOTOS
  • October 26th Pine Ridge GC                         -RESULTS - PHOTOS