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Customer Testimonials

Read some of our 5 Star Reviews below!

"I started taking lessons from Rich when I first started playing back in middle school. Not only did he help me to quickly develop my game, but he made golf fun for me. Quickly, I found myself able to compete at a high level with junior golfers with far more experience. His focus on keeping technique simple and repeatable has stuck with me through college golf. There's no doubt that he's passionate about helping junior golfers to reach their full potential."

Tina Chang
Mineola, NY
November 22, 2017

“Coach Rich has been my son Shane’s golf coach since he was five years old. At the heart of Coach Rich’s approach is that junior golfers who have fun will play more, play longer, and play better. Coach Rich works tirelessly to provide excellent instruction while developing their passion for the game through his fall golf league, PGA Junior League Golf Team, junior clinics and camps, and private lessons. Coach Rich is an outstanding golf coach. More importantly, as a parent, I couldn’t ask for a better role model for my son. Coach Rich has made my son a better golfer, teammate, and person.”

Steven Fuchs
November 15, 2019
Stony Brook, NY

“Our son was fortunate enough to fall in the hands of an incredible Golf Coach, surrounded by outstanding young gentlemen. Coach Jones is not only skilled and knowledgeable regarding the game of Golf; he instills discipline, work ethic and integrity within the hearts and minds of the young golfers he molds. Coach Jones and the boys on our golf team are people we value and consider family. We are grateful for the Jones Golf Academy!”

Kelly Andersen
Coram, NY
November 18, 2019

“My son who is a Jr. Golfer took a lesson with Rich Jones. His ability to ascertain my son's areas that need improvement and put in place a practical plan of action is unmatched. The results of his lesson were immediately noticeable. Moreover my son is very excited to continue lessons with Mr. Jones on a regular basis.”

Keith Smith
Baiting Hollow, NY
February 27, 2019

“My purchase was a golf lesson with Rich Jones, he is a wonderful teacher, extremely patient, knowledgeable and the best golf teacher I have ever had. I will be recommending him to anyone needing a lesson.”

Alex Polansky
Commack, NY
February 27 2018

“A little over two years ago, my son began working with Rich Jones of the Jones Golf Academy in an effort to improve his overall game. We had tried several coaches before coming to Jones Golf Academy so were not sure what to expect. In just a few weeks we could tell this was the right decision. My son was provided with opportunities to learn in a group setting, making the game fun and educational at the same time. Additionally, he began taking private lessons, which is where dramatic improvement has and continues to show up. Rich has done an outstanding job with him not only in getting back to core fundamentals to help his swing, but helping him better understand course management, posture, distance control and so much more. Through his lessons, my son has taken away the importance of honesty and integrity both on and off the course as well as continued improvement over perfection. As my son now focuses on taking his game to another level, I am confident he is with the right coach. I’d highly recommend the Jones Golf Academy for golfers of any level looking for an experienced, personable coach that can help improve all facets of their game. I’m glad we made the decision to come to Jones Golf Academy and grateful they have the experience and knowledge down the road to assist with the college recruiting process as my son continues his pursuit of playing Division 1 golf.”

Jon Baran
Wading River, NY
February 28, 2018

“As a beginner that has just recently started playing. The lessons I have taken with Rich has dramatically improved my ability to make contact and hit straight. Rich is very patient and easy to follow when giving instructions. I highly recommend lessons from Rich for anyone looking to start playing or want to improve their game.”

Douglas Kalberer
Holdbrook, NY
February 28, 2018

“Rich Jones is a true professional he is great really breaks down your swing and gives you the best tips to help your swing will come back 10/10”

Nick Augone
Melville, NY
February 28, 2018

“Rich Jones, the PGA Pro is an excellent instructor. He’s patient and doesn’t try to over teach. He has a great passion for what he does. Rich gives valuable information on improving my game; he also will readily suggest products he feels will help my game. My golf game has improved since taking lessons with Rich.”

Jeff Truax
Melville, NY
February 28, 2019

“I have been playing golf for about 6 years hacking my way around courses. For Christmas, I asked my kids to chip in to get me lessons because I wanted to learn how to swing a golf club properly. I started taking lessons from Rich and wow what a difference he is teaching me how to build a swing from scratch. He gives me the tools I need to practice to swing a golf club the proper way and the lessons are paying for themselves. I highly recommend Rich Jones he helped me tremendously.”

George Pepe
West Islip, NY
March 2, 2018 

“I have been playing golf for over twenty years. I have taken lessons with five other instructors. I am now taking lessons with Rich Jones. He is working on things that I was never shown. I finally feel confident in my game. I’m looking forward to learning more.”

Walter Gilbert
Deer Park, NY
March 1, 2018

“I started with coach jones about a month ago and since that time my game has improved tremendously. I am still learning and he is helping my game even more. He is a fun spirit to be around and makes me love the game even more.”

Dix Hills, NY
March 3, 2018

“Our son, Logan, began taking individual junior lesson with Rich this year. Logan has a huge passion for golf, but is quiet and anxious when performing outside the comfort of his regular course with his father. After the first lesson with Rich, we knew this was all about to change. From the very start, Rich was kind, patient and understanding of Logan's needs. Because Rich took the time to connect to Logan, Logan quickly relaxed and was able to reap the benefits of Rich's infinite knowledge in relation to golf. In a relatively short amount of time, Logan has gained not only golf skills and information regarding the sport of golf, but an increase in self-confidence and improvement in his self-esteem. Logan looks forward to his lesson each week and can frequently be found watching the video analysis of his lessons and then practicing the strategies in our home and out on the golf course. We will never be able to put into words all that these lessons have provided for Logan and can never say enough positive things about Rich as a PGA professional, coach and man. We look forward to continuing to work with Rich and hope that he enjoys coaching Logan as much as he enjoys being coached by Rich.”

Bridget Reany
Bay Shore, NY
March 4, 2018

"To be honest, I was extremely impressed with the method he used to stop me from coming over the top. I was able to practice his method with the handle of the club he made for me every day. What fascinated me also was I spent last winter at Goltec trying to stop my over the top swing. Now I’m not a person who bad mouths anybody. I normally keep my opinion to myself and am thankful for the attempt anyone gives on my behalf. Well after approx. $1400 and still coming over the top I was not pleased, and that’s with two instructors. Anyways I hope to lower my handicap with Rich Jones, and would definitely recommend him to my golf buddies."

Eddie St.bernard
Deer Park, NY
March 5, 2018

"I came to Rich Jones as a new golfer with no prior golf experience and due to his insight, knowledge and outstanding teaching abilities; I have been able to learn so much about the game of golf. Rich’s teaching methods make golf more fun and enjoyable, and I look forward to continue taking lessons with Rich and improve my game."

Juan Alvarez
Deer Park, NY
March 6, 2018

"I highly recommend Rich as a PGA/Golf instructor! I have only taken a few lessons and am already seeing vast improvements. He not only does a great job explaining the reasoning for the needed adjustments but also helps you connect the proper movements visually by using cameras and video analysis. Since I started working with Rich, I have been able to feel and understand my swing better, which has enabled me to make adjustments when I hit the range, play or practice on my own.  He also does a great job simplifying the game/swing and finds ways to lead you in making the proper adjustments without making you think much. I am extremely happy with my progress under Rich’s guidance!"

Ryan Levine
West Islip, NY
March 7, 2018

"Rich Jones is an excellent golf instructor; he pays close attention to detail and offers sound advice to effectively improve your swing. The four lessons that I have completed with Rich at Golf Galaxy have really helped me produce solid iron shots and better ball sticking off the tee. I look forward to continue working with Rich on other facets of my game and highly recommend his instructions."

Tony Brown
Medford, NY
March 8, 2018

"I have taken several lessons with Rich and am always impressed! He is an extremely patient, thorough and well-spoken professional. I always recommend him to friends & family and he is a great spokesman for the game of golf!"

Kevin McDonaugh
Islip, NY
March 9, 2018

“Thanks Rich for the lesson today and the all-important "takeaways". Your focused instruction has already been extraordinarily beneficial. Looking forward to the next lesson.”

Kevin McGuire
Huntington, NY
March 14, 2018

“My daughter Grace has been working with Rich for a couple of years both at his camps and at Golf Galaxy. Rich has an innate ability to teach kids and teenagers instructing them in all facets of the game while at the same time keeping it fun and interesting. I highly recommend lessons from Rich for players of all abilities and ages.”

Bob Rao
Islip, NY
March 15, 2018

"Rich, Thank You for the great instructions today... as a former coach in Baseball and football, your approach to the game of Golf is Fresh and very insightful. In the 2 lessons I have attended so far I feel like it has helped me so much, and renewed my Love of Golf again.."

Frank Prettitore
Babylon, NY
March 16, 2018

"Rich has worked with my 14-year-old son for over a year. His knowledge, patience and personality have made every lesson well worth it. He is the best instructor we’ve ever used."

Eric Rao
Islip, NY
March 17, 2018

"Rich Jones is a Great teacher and person. Mr jones presents him self in a professional manor. My daughter is a student of Mr. Jones. The growth were seeing is in my daughters swing is mind blowing. When I first took my daughter to Mr. Jones. He said she should be hitting her clubs further. By george he was right. Her accuracy and distance has improved within a matter of months. Mr. Jones, thank you and keep up the good work!"

Ron Hudson
Bayshore, NY
March 25, 2019

"I had a very hard time finding an instructor. Several told me they will not instruct women. Then I found Rich. I have learned so much from him. He is very patient and professional. I came in not knowing a thing and now I feel confident heading out to the course. I can’t wait for his golf clinics over the summer. Thank you Rich."

Allison Lyons
Rockville Centre, NY
April 11, 2018

"My Son and I met Rich Jones several years ago at the PGA Junior League All-Star game. We knew right away that Rich was a fabulous coach from the way he interacted with the other junior players. My son has started taking lessons with Coach Rich. He has stated that he teaches by showing not by telling. This has really improved my son’s confidence with his game. Coach Rich is a skilled and knowledgeable golf coach in all aspects of the game."

Francine Prosa
Holdbrook, NY
April 15, 2018

"Great teacher. Showed me things I didn’t realize. I would recommend him to everyone for lessons."

Joe Albert
Huntington, NY
April 19, 2019

"Rich Jones is an amazing coach. He has been teaching our daughter for the last ten years or so. He is patient, kind, and has an amazing way with kids. He has really helped our daughter improve her game. If you are looking for an excellent coach, Rich is your man!"

The Stryjewski Family
East Islip, NY
April, 24, 2018

"We first met Coach Rich while shopping for clubs for our 15 year old daughter. She is a beginner golfer who wanted to try out for her high school golf team. We took her to her first lesson and instantly knew we made the right choice. She typically is a bit shy at first but he really knew how to capture her attention and make her feel comfortable. Coach Rich knows how to keep her engaged, teaches with passion, and just an overall outstanding golf instructor. We plan to work with Coach Rich for years to come."

Shannon Mulroy
West Islip, NY
April 26, 2018